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A sample of the Hangerz we offer and our Hangerz in use.



Head Hangerz is a small, Kansas-based company trying their shot at the American Dream. Luc Douglas and Nate Anderson are hard-working husbands, fathers, and great friends trying to better themselves and their families through their newly founded business. Luc was born and raised in north central Kansas, hunting and fishing as he grew up. A passion for metal-working stewed from a love found in his uncle’s steel shop. Nate hails from the great state of Iowa, chasing corn-fed giant whitetails since he could barely walk, in tow behind his father. Traditional archery has been embedded in his heart since he could fling arrows out of an Osage orange self-bow. Luc has since picked up the traditional bug in the last few years as well, something they can share forever. Their story goes something like this…

When Nate first moved to Kansas, Luc was one of his first friends. As he was moving in to his new apartment, his neighbor popped out the door and as nice as a guy could be said,” I see you’re from Iowa, you must be a bowhunter!” Indeed Luc was right and the two hit it off like they knew there was already a lifelong friendship there. A few years go by and Nate is cleaning European mounts for friends and family. One day Luc brought over a very primitive, bare-steel skull hanger. He said,” Here, try these out to hang your skulls on.” They worked pretty well, but with some homemade Douglas modifications, it was perfected! Luc would occasionally bring some over when Nate had skulls he was finished with so he could give them to his clients. Nate had heard over and over how his clients loved those hangers, so one sleepless night he sent Luc a message and asked him why he hasn’t been selling them. Luc replied,” I have no idea where to start….”

Within a few months the legal paperwork was complete and so was the pairs first dip of their toes into the business world. Many trials and tribulations came out of their first year in business, enough so to test even the greatest friendships. But as strong and driven as the two are, they accomplished more than either thought possible. Attending several different tradeshows, taxidermy conventions, and archery competitions, they were finally getting their word out. (After all, you are here reading this!)

Already beginning year 2 as fast as one could think, business is looking up. It has been more than wonderful for the pair to be recognized by repeat customers, as well as their outdoor heroes: Phillip Vanderpool (The Virtue), Matt Duff (Major League Bowhunter), Tom Nelson (American Archer), Andy Ross (Ross Archery/Rockstar), David Holder (Raised Hunting).

But if you ask either one of them what the best thing about this past years experience was? They would both tell you it’s the wonderful people and new friendships they’ve made along the way. So they would like to thank the following people and organizations for all the help they have provided Luc and Nate, especially all the experienced advice and guidance in running their own business: Larry Kerschner, Dirtnap Gear and the Addleman Family, Shawn Harding, Cindy Cunningham, Shane Douglas, their patient, loving, and extremely helpful wives, Torrey Parkins, Rockhouse Motion, and ALL of their awesome customers who purchased Head Hangerz in the last year and believed in them! THANK YOU!




Head Hangerz

1112 Old Hwy 40

Abilene, KS 67410


Luc Douglas: 785.577.4258

Nate Anderson: 620.386.6443

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